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Welcome to Compassion Café

Our next gathering will be
May 29th | 4:00pm

In-person in our Fellowship Hall

Join us for an afternoon of storytelling, music, and food!


We'll hear from members of our community who have immigrated to the U.S. These stories may be sensitive for young ears, so we will have childcare available. We'll get to enjoy papusas and fellowship as well. This event is free, but registration is required.

Go to here to register.

13_Undocumented_Stories copy2.jpg

Worship Components 

NCFA Compassion Cafe

January 30, 2022

+ Prelude  “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” w/ “Prelude in C Major”  

+ Welcome and Lighting the Christ Candle  

+ Call to Worship and Passing the Peace

Let us gather around the watering place

where streams of living water run and welcome
the foreigner, the outsider, the guest, to this place of love.

Let us welcome each other in the peace of Christ,

by unmuting ourselves and offering the words: “Peace be with you.” (and also with you!)


+ Prayer ​of Adoration and Prayer of Confession  

Join me as we pray together:

Holy Living Water, we gather and we chatter;

we gather and we share; we gather and we drink together.


Today as we gather we are amazed
that you thirsted just as we thirst;

you needed companions, just as we need companions.


Help us not to be amazed at these simple things: water and words.

For water and words are what brought holiness to life.


Living Water. Living Word.


We are awed by Water and Word

and yet, even as we are awed,

we also find we need to seek

forgiveness and wholeness.

For we take them for granted.


Forgive us, when we are careless with our words.  (Cont’d.)

Forgive us, when we squander the water.

Forgive us, when we forget

that it was though God’s unlimited love

that the Word joined us and the Water brought us life.

Forgive us for forgetting

that it is through the Water and Word 

that we have everything good.


Living Word, Living Water,

we bring ourselves to you with gratitude and hope,

trusting that your mercy is wide enough to forgive our sins. Amen​


+ “Yes, Lord Medley”  

+ Prayer

+ Scripture Reading  

John 4:1-42 - video: Jesus Met a Samaritan Woman


+The Word Proclaimed

Breakout Room Discussion Questions 

The person whose birthday is coming up soonest in the room goes first! Then they invite the next person to share, mutual invitation style:


What is bringing you joy right now? (Can be anything!  A new hobby, a devotional, a podcast, a TV show, etc.!)


As a group discuss the following questions:

 In John 4:34 Jesus says “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to complete his work.”  How do you see NCFA doing the work of God? 

We’re collecting donations for Manos de Cristo, a food bank here in Austin. Is there a connection between this ministry opportunity and the Bible story? 


Main Zoom Room Congregational Meeting/Update

2021 year in review 

Reaffirming Elders Nikkie Shubitz and Roxann Vallejo

2021 financial update and 2022 budget presentation 

Looking ahead to 2022 




Find something to eat and something to drink so you can join us at the Table! 

+Prayer and Praise 

Let us lift our prayers unto God - Lord, hear our prayer.

+Service as Worship  


Time to gather donations for Manos de Cristo! Find items from your pantry, make a trip to the store, or donate online! - Just be sure to designate “Super Bowl of Caring” with your donation. 


+Closing Song  “For Everyone Born”  

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