NCF Web Style Guide


In order for the website to maintain continuity, we will employ this style guide directing proper formatting for fonts, dates, times, and the like. The section below should be self explanatory with the exception of the colors indicated with the "Text Format" section.  If you need to change the color of text, select the icon which will open the "Color Picker" box, click "More colors" to confirm/change the Hex value in the bottom right corner.  




Text Format

Example: Title/Header of Page (32px, brown "Hex996944")

Example: Subtitle or Heading of Article/Column on Page (20px, brown "Hex996944", not the default)

Example: Subheading in Article/Column (13px bold, dark brown "Hex 403027")

Example: Text on page (13px, dark brown "Hex 403027")

  • Title/Header is top of the page only.

  • Subtitle is also found near the top of the page; Article/Column Heading is the name of the event or item of interest being shared.

  • Subheadings may be found near the top and throughout an article or column.

  • Text is the content of the page, article, or column.


Date Format (Month D, YYYY;  Month D; M/D/YY)

Example: January 8, 2015 OR January 8th OR 1/8/15

  • Always spell out the month ( January 8, not Jan 8).

  • No leading zero for a 1-digit date ( January 8, not January 08).

  • Use a 4-digit year with long-form and 2-digit with short form ( January 8, 2015 OR 1/8/15; not  January 8, 15 or 1/8/2015).


Time Format (#:## am/pm)

Example: 6:30 pm OR 10:15 am

  • No leading zero for 1-digit hours.

  • Space before am/pm designation.

  • Lowercase am/pm designation.

  • If start and stop times are both am/pm, only one designation is needed (10:15 am to 12:00 pm OR 6:30-8:00 pm; not 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm)

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